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Technology: A.I. Breaks Records Entering Lead Generation & Media Buying Industry, Dominating Profitability & ROI Results Learn More
"Big Data" & A.I. Creates New Revenue Channel for Online Businesses
Unlock the potential to identify 10x more opportunities, actually identify the anonymous traffic on your website and start retargeting them via email and major networks like Facebook & Google turning shoppers into buyers!

You no longer need a Data Team, a Big Budget, or Complex BI tools to take advantage of the power of AI and Big Data.
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Artificial Intelligence: Revolutionizing Marketing in the Face of Cookies Phasing Out Learn More
Grow Your Email List 10x Faster...
Most Opt-in rates for Lead Generation forms hover around 3% - 4%. Smart Recognition lets you increase your lead capture rate 10 times that and more. The software identifies your anonymous traffic with known email addresses within our network of 220M names. It makes no difference where your traffic is coming from, paid traffic, organic traffic, offline or direct. Smart Recognition will absolutely change your Cost Per Lead, Lead Capture Rate, and Email List Size!
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Unlock the fastest growing Revenue Channel for Online Businesses:

Indentify, Remarket & Retarget your
Anonymous Website Traffic

Smart Recognition identifies your anonymous traffic on any pages, website or domain. It currently is identifying 30% - 45% on average while some clients are getting well more than half of their traffic identified to an email address (leads). Those matched leads are delivered directly into your CRM, ESP, Network Audiences or where ever you want them. These leads have all opted into our Partner Marketing Co-Operative and are cleaned every 30 days, so the are safe to send and CAN SPAM compliant!

Some popular ways clients use this service are 1) Growing & Accelerating their Email List, 2) ReMarketing Shoppers via Email, and 3) Retargeting Shoppers via Networks like Facebook, Google and others. It is transforming how businesses are generating leads and is the fastest growing revenue channel for online businesses.


Capture 5x More Cart &
Product Abandons

Your cart and product abandon emails give you the best ROI. Our system lets you identify and will provide you with the actual email address of up to 5x more users who abandoned the cart, (whether they are logged in or not). This lets you re-engage with personalized email and network campaigns that drive conversions and foster stronger customer relationships.


10x Your Email List

Now the fastest method to grow your email list: Instead of capturing the email address of 2%-5% of your visitors, imagine, putting a simple script on your website and being able to remarket to 40% of your anonymous website traffic via email. Instead of capturing 5 leads for every 100 clicks, you are getting 40. Not only are you getting more leads, you are doing it at a fraction of the cost, letting you get to breakeven faster than ever before.


Record Breaking ROI

With the ability to remarket to so much more of your traffic via email and network remarketing campaigns, you are able to get a much larger and faster ROI. You will be generating more email opens, more clicks and more REVENUE! Having your product, message, and/or promotion in front of so many of your visitors changes everything from the ROI on your marketing dollars and the value of a visitor to your cost per lead.


The #1 Tool To Grow Your Subscriber List

Users of the platforms on the left are discovering the benefits of the Smart Recognition Technology to grow their email lists, generate leads, and increase conversions. By leveraging the technology, the platform monitors user behavior patterns on and beyond your website itself. These benefits are compatible and available on any of these platforms, enabling businesses to achieve results that historically were never possbile while significantly growing their lead base, buyers, and revenue!

From Big Data to Smart Insights: How AI Outpaces Human Analysis

Improve Profitability w/ SREC

Smart Recognition (SREC) tracks visitor behavior on your website and studies who becomes leads, buyers, and loyal customers. Further, it sees their history of other sites they've visited and looks at all available data to identify the shopper, their intentions, patterns, and behaviours.

Passing the indentity and data that gives you the ability to turn these shoppers into buyers. Most clients are identifing 30% to 50% of their site traffic which means on average they are generating 4x - 5x more leads than traditional methods and that changes everything and certainly changes the ROI from any and all of your marketing efforts inlcuding your organic growth!

A.I. MEDIA BUYER? … Smart Recognition can analyze the data to identify the best advertising networks that reach where your ideal targets are to create a hyper-targeted media plan, taking into account brand advertising guidelines, methods, target capabilities, performance results, and your target demographic. The results are the most cost-effective lead generation with the lowest cost-per-lead and highest ROI possible. It sees the cheapest possible path to the highest possible outcome and creates a media plan that produces results that no agency, team, or marketer has been able to beat to date. Contact Us if you are interested in learning more about how Smart Recognition can create a media buy plan for your marketing department.

37.3% Expected Growth Rate for Artificial Intelligence being used in Marketing in 2023

DTC Brands of the Future can't grow without Data.
Join the Fastest Growing Revenue Channel for Businesses

This New Revenue Channel is the future of Lead Generation and Marketing with the exit of the 'Cookie'. SREC is giving businesses powerful insights into their customers' behavior patterns. With the exponential growth of A.I., we can now analyze user activities beyond just website interactions, we can now see the holistic view of much more data, identifying more of the right leads and giving businesses the ability of converting them into buyers. With Smart Recognition, you can build strong, lasting relationships with the right leads who become your customers and foster brand loyalty that lasts a lifetime.

Clients are profiting from the results they've seen from implementing this technology. Want to see the results for yourself?

Book a Demo below and see how you can Try this for Free

Google Delays until late 2024

In the Face of Cookies Phasing Out...

As internet browsers prepare to phase out the use of cookies for tracking purposes, marketers must adapt to new data acquisition methods to keep the full potential of their online advertising efforts. However, with Smart Recognition, brands are coming out even better and can recognize website shoppers which was previously only available to larger corporations and monopolies. With Smart Recognition, businesses can level the playing field and access the same vast wealth of data to make informed marketing and sales decisions in real-time.

Are You Ready to Try this out for Yourself?

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your website's traffic and generate real results for your business? Book a demo, get your questions answered and see how many leads you could be capturing every day. You can start utilizing the 1st of it's kind AI Lead Generation Technology today. Identify, Capture, and Monetize up to 45% of your your anonymous website traffic without damaging your Email Deliverability or running afoul of CAN SPAM laws.

Over 220,000,000 Leads Matched

"Artificial intelligence helps us process and efficiently utilize the vast amount of data being generated, leading to unprecedented opportunities for innovation." - Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft

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