Traders Agency

How Traders Agency Generated A 298.53% ROI In 90 Days

Traders Agency provides stock and trading education courses. They offer monthly subscription trading rooms in addition to their high-ticket trading online courses and software.

The Challenge:

They faced rising lead costs and constant Facebook ad changes that limited their reach.

They gave Smart Recognition a try for 90-days to see what would happen. They added their Smart Recognition code to 4 websites.

Smart Recognition was able to identify 61,190 leads in just 3 months time. About 70% of these leads came from advertising traffic and 30% from organic traffic from the sites.

The Results After 90 Days:


($2,000 per month) Total Cost


Total Matches


Average Matches/Month



How These Smart Recognition Leads Performed

These leads were entered into Traders Agency’s normal Welcome Email Journey, newsletters, and dedicated sales emails based on their engagement.

Traders Agency promoted low-ticket product offerings. Those who became buyers would then be added to a new audience segment that promoted webinars to buy a $2000+ product via online or phone sales.

The Revenue Results:


Subscription Sales


Revenue Collected From These Leads


Revenue Per Lead


Investment Gain