See who’s behind the clicks and how to connect with them

SMART RECOGNITION a software that identifies visitors and shoppers on your website to a known email addresses, it can filter the highest propensity to buy site traffic and provides the deliverable email address of those leads to you in real time without the user having to complete a single form; turning the 98% of traffic who have shown interest in your product, site, service or message, but left before engaging into a significant lead source for remarketing and retargeting.

In a Nutshell...

How it Works

The software looks at each visitors device fingerprint and looks to see if it has seen this device before in the database of partner network traffic, when we identify your visitor we enrich their profile and provide you the details (data points). A.I. can see where there is overlap between your website traffic and email interactions or optins elsewhere within our Network of Data Providers, providing you with the valuable insights you need to indentify who your visitors are, and then instantly turning those visitors into prospects and those prospects into buyers!

Smart Recognition is the solution that has transformed how businesses are generating leads. The technology provides powerful insight into customer behavior patterns, utilizing machine learning algorithms to track visitor data beyond just website interactions. The software analyses your visitors activities across various sites, mapping behaviors, and collating third-party data to calculate patterns, predictions, and user intent behavior.

The software works in real-time as your visitors are on your site, Smart Recognition gives you the visibility and ability to react in real time and fast-track the right email message of your deal, promotion, message, product, service to the right visitor(s).

Retargeted customers are 3x more likely to click on your ad than people who haven’t interacted with your business before. Now you can make sure it’s the highest value customers and visitors that do! Retarget the right people at the right time increasing your conversion rates and reducing your ad spend and wasted ad dollars.

Wouldn’t you love to know when that person you were dealing with is back in the market? Get intelligence that shows more than just visitor information. We help you identify your hottest inbound opportunities across multiple user sessions, not just one.

If you are a business looking to transform anonymous visitors into identifiable individuals, our software, Smart Recognition, is the solution.

This powerful tool allows you to pinpoint high-quality leads that have a greater likelihood of converting, ultimately putting your lead-generation efforts on steroids. Whether you invest in generating website traffic, rely on email or organic traffic, Smart Recognition can help you optimize the value of a lead and get a higher ROI on all of your marketing efforts. In addition, if you have a substantial amount of website traffic or offer high-priced products or services, our platform excels in identifying the most promising leads for your business.

Boost Sales

  • Identify 30% - 50% of your Visitors
  • Get Visitor Information & Data
  • Opportunity generation with Audience Segmentation & Improved Targeting
  • Remarket & Retarget Leads via Email & Networks like Facebook, Google & more
  • Direct Integration into your ESP, CRM, Networks, and more

Filter & Segment Leads Based On:

  • Email Address
  • URL Parameters
  • Country
  • State
  • Device
  • Custom Fields
  • Time on Site
  • ...and more

Convert Interest into Action

Respond to online traffic in Real Time. Automatically follow up via email and/or add them to your retargeting efforts the minute they enter you site. Add them to a email sequence series bringing them back to your site generating more clicks and revenue from the 95%+ of Traffic you don't have an email of

Popular Features

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Facebook / Google Retargeting
Email Cleaning &
Last Activity
Marketing Efforts
Product, Site & Cart Abandon
Real Time Suppression
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Smart Affiliate

Frequently Asked Questions

Top Questions Regarding Smart Recognition:

On your part, all that is needed is to incorporate our tag onto your pages. The tag is entirely asynchronous, non-blocking, and exceptionally lightweight. Integration can be effortlessly done through a tag manager like Google Tag Manager, requiring no engineering work. You can also also add the pixel tag directly onto your pages. Once the tag is successfully implemented, we take care of the rest without any further action required from you. Smart Recognition begins to construct a personalized model and starts to seamlessly transmit the leads to the appropriate systems and workflows for emailing and/or retargeting.


Visit our Support Page for more detailed information.

We put in extensive effort to ensure that our code is unrivaled in terms of speed. We consistently monitor and optimize the performance of our code. To minimize any negative impact on site speed, we adhere to key practices:

Our script code is designed to be non-blocking, meaning it will not hinder the downloading of any other content on your site, even if our code fails to load or loads slowly.

We load our initial content asynchronously, prioritizing the loading of your high-priority content. Whenever possible, we defer loading parts of our content until the conditions are met and the necessity to use that content is imminent.

We utilize industry-standard techniques for compression to make sure our files are as compact as possible. Additionally, we employ industry-standard browser caching to lessen the data that users need to access from the internet.

To reduce network latency based on the user's location, we have global instances of our CDN.

We routinely test the performance of our global CDN against other providers to ensure that our assets are readily available and perform exceptionally well.

We continuously monitor latency and the impact of page load across various connection speeds, locations, and devices.

We suggest that you have  10,000 or more unique visitors per month.

The price you'll pay is driven by the volume of leads Smart Recognition delivers, but don't worry you have full control of how many. 

We are constantly connecting new Data Sources, Data Mines, Networks, Publishers, ESPs, ISPs, and more to index and increase its ability to learn, grow and connect information. In most cases, the platform always recognizes north of 20% (some clients have seen as high as 70%), however, it filters and profiles the highest probable leads, so the end results is a moving target and varies (and can be controlled) by client.


See more of How it Works.

Yes! Smart Recognition can Trigger a signal based on Advanced Filtering to Fire Events in Real Time to ESPs, CRMs, Databases, 3rd Party Platforms, Webhooks, and more.

We would suggest you add-on the Smart Affiliate Solution, this is where your leads can be emailed your offer(s) from our separate AWS Infrastructure that has managed hundreds of millions of sends monthly focusing on high deliverability and inboxing rates. However, this is done on a performace based agreement (Commission) and opens the door for most clients to effectively mail 3x - 5x more their current list size turn key!

Yes! We can suppress your current buyers so as not to interupt their current journey. However, Smart Recognition still tracks their activity to recalculate intent and interest. (Many clients still collect this information and respond accordingly)

Yes! We can send your emails to the leads Smart Recognition identifies for you. Please see "Smart Affiliate" for more details. 

Yes! Smart Recognition can add your shoppers directly to a number of 3rd party platforms to retarget in real time.

Yes, the leads come with permission! We have a Network of Websites, Platforms, and Storefronts who retrieves consent to partner marketing who are then matched to clients website shoppers.

No, we currently only offer this to US Traffic Only.

Almost! We are currently working on the ability for you to append 3rd party additional data to the shoppers recognized by Smart Recognition.


We already provide an incredible amount of data in our reports, most of which can be sent over with each lead. Download a Sample Report here.


*reporting is in real-time and being enhanced each month

Publishers, Email Marketers, Shopify, and eCommerce Operators become 1st Adopters of New A.I. Lead Generation

Generating Significant Lifts to Their Email List, Leads, Buyers, and ROI on Every Media Dollar Spent!

Smart Recognition is the solution that has transformed how businesses are generating leads. The technology provides powerful insight into customer behavior patterns, utilizing machine learning algorithms to track visitor data beyond just website interactions. The software analyses your visitors activities across various sites, mapping behaviors, and collating third-party data to calculate patterns, predictions, and user intent behavior. This information is then used to identify and target the right leads. The system can adjust parameters for quality and/or volume accordingly, generating significantly higher leads than traditional lead generation results.