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How it Works (Smart Recognition)

Typical Setup Process

This is a typical flow for most users, however, due to the nature and complexity of our System, we try to answer as many questions as possible, however, a instance of our A.I. is modified for each client and their needs. As you can imagine the complexity of each clients needs change and the instance adapts and learns over time, therefore how it works changes and improves over time.


Signup or get a Free Trial

Instantly get the Pixel Script to be placed on your website(s). Most place it in their header or footer of the website(s). Check our Integrations Page for FAQs.

Machine Learning & Matching Begins

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) processing of data involves the ability to learn from patterns and adapt without explicit instructions. Through the use of algorithms and statistical models, A.I. analyzes and draws inferences from the data. Then SREC matches those visitors to our Network of Websites, Platforms, and Storefronts who retrieved consent to partner marketing from the same visitor.


Lead Intake Begins

Setting up email workflows from leads generated will significantly improve your business’ revenue. By automating the process of engaging with leads via emai and retargetingl, businesses can increase the efficiency of their marketing strategies to drive more conversions, and boost revenue significantly!

Optimize & Automate your Workflows

Emailing the leads while managing the workflows with automations and different creative(s) can drastically increase your clicks and revenue from this new found source of leads.


Leverage Smart Affiliate

If you have trouble mailing so many leads, add Smart Affiliate to your service. Leverage the infrastructure that sends billions of emails to get your emails delivered and inboxed all on a performance based, risk free basis.

Enjoy the Profits!

Be the Hero that you are! See and share the results with co-workers and colleges while they try and figure out what exactly you have done to accomplish such a lift in profits, and increased return on every dollar spent.



Get Started with a 7-Day Free Trial

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your website’s traffic and generate real results for your business? Then it’s time to sign up for our free trial and start utilizing our AI technology. With our technology, you can capture and monetize the untapped 98% of unknown site traffic and the 100% of traffic that you are not getting, ultimately leading to more conversions and higher ROI. Take advantage of our free trial to see the benefits of our technology for yourself. No Credit Card Required.