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What is Identity Resolution and How Does it Work?

Identity Resolution is the perfect marketing solution if you’re tired of lead costs rising, sluggish list growth, and shrinking ROI.

This article breaks down what Identity Resolution is and how it works. Just the quick takeaways below will highlight how this technology turns a marketing trickle into a firehose of revenue. 

⭐Why it matters? You can finally get sign-ups and purchases from all those one-time visitors to your website who never return.⭐

3 Key Points:

#1 Identity Resolution is a process that creates a customer profile via data breadcrumbs from multiple online touchpoints 

#2 The process turns anonymous web traffic into leads without an opt-in form

#3 It is legal, super-affordable, and the most innovative lead generation solution available

Now let’s dig in a little more. 

How Identity Resolution Works

“Machine Fingerprinting” 

Taking our Identity Resolution tool as the example. Smart Recognition uses machine fingerprinting to identify your visitors. It uses AI to filter and identify the best leads to email based on intent and engagement.

Our technology:

  • Identifies the user’s email address (verifiable)
  • Hones in on their online patterns
  • Creates a path for ongoing marketing touchpoints


Grabbing these email addresses gives you the best marketing channel. 55% of people prefer email as their #1 way to hear from businesses and nonprofits, outranking text messages, social media, and other digital communications. ~Constant Contact.

You know they’re a potential customer how? The fact that they visited your website! This shows intent. If they visited your site multiple times, it reveals more intent. If they purchased recently from anywhere, it shows they are willing to take their credit card out and make an online purchase— that adds to their intent score

It’s the gazillion distractions that cause intent to fizzle though. So they click away from your site. We keep you from losing touch, plus…


Using A.I. to outline a map of your site visitors’ patterns gives you the upper hand versus the competition. Because you can send the right campaign to the right segment of your list. Personalization is key because 74% of consumers say they hate offers that are irrelevant. 



One, two, or three touchpoints won’t make the sale. It takes at least eight, according to HubSpot, plus, that’s conventional marketing wisdom, right? With those endless online distractions these days, it’s wise to aim to even double those touchpoints. 

With Identity Resolution you can reach 8 to 16 touchpoints incredibly fast! 

Identity Resolution’s Biggest Advantage?

If you could count up the lost revenue from one-time website visitors, it would be a devastating dollar figure.

People are quick to bounce and more hesitant than ever to fill out forms. 

Proof? Best Buy increased sales exponentially by making their checkout available without signing up! A guest checkout (no sign-up needed) resulted in an extra $300 million— in the first year of the change!

That’s why Smart Recognition technology is so impressive. 

  • No more depending on an opt-in form
  • No budget worries due to lead costs constantly spiking 
  • No more email list stagnation
  • No wasted cart-abandonment emails that do not reach users not logged in

The details…

Easiest opt-in: You now have the ability to gather email addresses without any opt-in form at all. And if you’ve seen stats on dwindling sign-ups, you see how crucial this is. 81% of people have abandoned a form after beginning to fill it out. (The Manifest).

Lead costs plummet: More leads through traffic that you missed altogether means your cost per lead drops like a rock. The bean counters approve! 

Our platform can sniff out 30% of anonymous traffic, handing you the email address and other key markers for ongoing marketing. 

Max list growth: Bigger lists mean more chances to sell via automated emails. Your workload stays the same, you simply have more leads to contact. Not to mention, more details on the leads to make your segmentation more effective.

Actual Lead Cost on Average?

How does 8 cents per lead sound? Even the upper-end average is just 20 cents per lead with Smart Recognition.

That’s the beauty of A.I. helping to gather all these breadcrumbs. It has made the process of Identity Resolution efficient and ultra-affordable. We pass those savings on to our customers. 

Bonus Advantage

And yes, we have a big advantage over others offering somewhat similar services. Our tech is more advanced, but also, our network size matters. 

We have over 220 million+ email addresses in our database.  

That means you will get more matches for your anonymous traffic which we convert into leads. 

Then we automate the step of sending those leads right to your CRM, ESP, or audience network.

It has never been easier to grow an email list, bring back shoppers, or lower your cost per lead.

Wait, you’re right. Some email addresses won’t do you any good, so we’ve got that covered too.

Matching Only Verified Email Addresses

Our Identity Resolution platform has the ability to collect over 50% of anonymous website traffic. But we only give you legitimate addresses we verify.

We filter out stale emails, temp emails, fake addresses, all the junk that would do you no good. 

You only get charged for quality leads with email addresses that your potential customers are using regularly. This adds more value to these leads that you’re already getting at a great price!

Don’t forget email deliverability. Quality addresses mean active readers who open and click on your marketing emails. This helps your sender score and ensures your emails avoid spam filters.

No, these readers didn’t sign up for your list but they were on your website. This equals intent. 

Just like the Best Buy shoppers. They didn’t want to sign up, they just wanted to buy something!

Make the buying process easier for shoppers and your brand.

Getting the email address of an anonymous website visitor sounds too good to be true. But here’s why it is 100% legal in the U.S.

U.S. law governing email is an opt-out law versus other countries’ opt-in regulations. 

U.S. marketers can send emails to U.S. residents as long as you provide:

  1. An easy, obvious link to unsubscribe to future emails
  2. A physical address in your emails so readers can contact you outside of email

Cover those two points and Identity Resolution is totally legal. 

⭐Free Demo of Smart Recognition 

Why let another day go by with anonymous website visitors slipping away?

Schedule a free Demo of Smart Recognition here. 

Gain the edge you need: 

Get in on the ground floor of this new technology and watch conversions take off! See more impressive stats and case studies during your Smart Recognition Demo— schedule yours here.

Who is this service for?

Websites with U.S.-based traffic with 15k or more monthly visitors:

  • Ecommerce brands use it to email anonymous shoppers based on products they viewed or put in their cart
  • Lead Generation Media Buyers use it on advertorial or opt-in pages to capture and retarget anonymous traffic
  • Newsletter Companies use Smart Recognition on their article pages to remarket to anonymous readers, eliminating the need to gate content or ask for an opt in
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