Google Tag Manager

How to Add Collection Snippet Script

1. Log in to Google Tag Manager. Click New Tag.

2. You can give the tag a title at the top. Click the pencil image in the Tag Configuration section.

3. Click Custom HTML under Custom.

4. Paste your Smart Recognition script into the HTML box.

Can’t find your Smart Recognition Script? Learn how to locate your script.
Note: For use in Google Tag Manager, it is recommended that you use the AJAX Script. To get the AJAX Script, email support:

5. You will need to choose a trigger at the bottom to make the tag fire. Click the pencil icon in the Triggering section.

6. Choose a trigger, such as page views on all pages.

Note for SPA/React sites: You should set your Triggers for All Pages as seen above, as well as All History Events.

7. Once you have chosen a trigger, click Save in the top right.