Why Integrate with ExpertSender

With Smart Recognition integration with ExpertSender, you can:

  1. Automatically send contacts collected from your Smart Recognition script into your chosen ExpertSender list.
  2. Automatically suppress existing contacts in your ExpertSender account.
  3. May allow for set up of custom filters to sync filters; send leads from different domains to different lists or ESPs. (Functionality may vary depending upon the ESP.)

What You Need to Have

1. Your APIv2 address (API URL) and API Key. You can find these by going to your ExpertSender Dashboard, clicking the “Settings” tab, selecting “Business Unit”, and then clicking the “API” tab.

2. From here you can copy your “APIv2 address (API URL)” and copy the “API Key”.

Additionally, we suggest you create a new List Name to sync your events in ExpertSender with.

What We'll Need from You

Copy your APIv2 address (API URL), API Key, List Name, and any additional authorization for you API Endpoint, and send them to us!