FinMC needed a solution to retarget people who didn't purchase during a huge upcoming product launch.

The Challenge:

FinMC needed a solution to retarget people who didn’t purchase during a huge upcoming product launch. We talked on a Friday and the only problem was the launch was scheduled to go live on Monday, in two days. We got them signed up for Smart Recognition, helped them attach the code and linked up their ESP (Email Service Provider) and got them generating leads from their anonymous traffic.

Specifically they put the code on all of their checkout pages that users were directed to after watching the launch/sales video.

The Results After 90 Days:


US Based Taffic


Leads Generated in 31 Days


Unique Visitors


Match Rate

How These Smart Recognition Leads Performed

We provide clients with the pages we captured the leads from so they can target different messages based on how far down the funnel they got. If the person just viewed the cart page they could get message A going over the benefits. If the person added the product to the cart but didn’t purchase, they would get message B that talks about when the sale ends or alerts them that stock is low. You can also pass those specific leads who almost completed the purchase to a sales team member to follow up directly with. The possibilities are immense and only limited by what you can think up and impliment.

The Results:

Here is what the owner said:
“Within 72 hours, adding Smart Recognition to our sales process resulted in a 5x return on our initial investment in the offering. And even more importantly, we signed our agreement on a Friday afternoon and Dio and the team worked over the weekend to make sure it was live for an event on Monday. Incredible service and results and looking forward to expanding our relationship.” -Morgan B., FinMC