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Smart Recognition Gives Organizations Access To Anonymous Website Visitors

11/16/2023, Orlando, Florida

Sales Agency announces the launch of Smart Recognition, a new technology that is helping businesses and nonprofits grow their email lists exponentially while dramatically reducing cost-per-lead. The platform allows an organization to accurately target and market to anonymous visitors on its website without relying on sign-up forms.

Smart Recognition is fully CAN-SPAM compliant and intended only for U.S. audiences. This technology uses machine fingerprinting to identify website visitors. AI filters and identifies the best leads to send marketing emails to based on intent and engagement. This gives organizations access to up to 30% of website traffic they typically miss out on.

The team at Sales Agency developed this platform based on over a century’s worth of collective experience in the email marketing space. This new tool follows both U.S. law on email marketing and deliverability best practices, according to the team.

As long as you make it easy to opt out of emails then quickly honor opt-out requests, you are compliant with U.S. regulations and wisely protecting your sender reputation.” ~Eric Johnson, CMO Sales Agency

Who can take advantage of Smart Recognition? Any size business, nonprofits, lead generation media buyers, and newsletter companies with US based traffic. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday fast approaching,  eCommerce shops are in a unique position to use the platform to ramp up holiday sales. Online store owners can target site visitors who browse but leave, focus on shoppers who have recently purchased elsewhere, and increase abandoned cart email sales.

Case studies have shown many people fail to make an online purchase simply because they do not want to sign up for an account (Best Buy Study). Also, 81% of people have abandoned a form after beginning to fill it out. ~The Manifest. So marketing to anonymous website visitors is an effective marketing tactic because these users are interested in offers but need more touchpoints and an easier path to converting.

A full Smart Recognition Demo is now available for free so organizations can see how AI can help them collect email addresses of visitors who are anonymous but have shown serious interest and intent for a website’s offers. Schedule a free demo here.

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