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Smart Recognition Case Study: Marketing Examined (includes playbook to swipe)

How did Marketing Examined double its subscription rate and rake in new warm leads for just 48 cents per lead? By using Smart Recognition for 30 days. Check out Marketing Examined’s own case study here… highlights are below.

Why it matters: 

⭐Learn how Marketing Examined captured leads they were missing

⭐See exactly how the company reduced cost-per-lead

⭐Alex Garcia shares an easy-to-copy playbook for using Smart Recognition

Main Case Study Findings 

Most business owners don’t realize all the leads they leave on the table due to anonymous website traffic, and that’s true with Marketing Examined founder Alex Garcia.

“You probably didn’t know you could capture email addresses from anonymous traffic. I know I didn’t.” ~Alex Garcia

Over a 30-day span, Smart Recognition matched 23% of anonymous visitors to MarketingExamined.com. Allowing the business to target these visitors with marketing emails and retarget with online ads.

“Because these leads have all opted into 3rd party marketing – messaging them is CAN-SPAM compliant.” ~Alex Garcia

The main play for converting these matched leads? Automated email flows based on URL visited, funnel stage, or traffic source. 

More playbook details coming up. First…

Funnel Frustrations

Alex and crew have the same funnel struggles as every website owner. People visit landing pages but bounce like a bat outta Hades before opting in with an email address.

Or they sign up with a temp email. Or get distracted then fail to fill out opt-in forms. Then forget that website forever!

Even if you get 3 out of 10 visitors to subscribe to your emails? 7 visitors— 7 potential customers— will never be seen again.

Intent is King, So Use Context in Follow-ups

Funnel success rates shoot way up when you have the power to collect email addresses from anonymous traffic… addresses attached to real people who have shown intent toward something specific on your site. 

Solid interest you can track by which pages they visited. Interest you can capitalize on once you have their email address. 

Just like Marketing Examined did by personalizing welcome email flows based on Smart Recognition data.

To paraphrase Alex, “Effective nurturing happens with content personalization.”

Don’t forget though, no matter how much you personalize emails to these leads, make it easy for them to opt out. Make it apparent they can unsubscribe any time. This ensures your sender reputation stays clean.

Not to mention, people will appreciate your brand being open and honest. That is part of the reason for this case study’s impressive outcome. Now for plays you can swipe.

Smart Plays from this Playbook 

The team had smart plays planned for converting their matched leads.

#1 Go for one-click opt-in with email containing their top case studies. Target: Subscribe page visitors.

#2 Target their case study readers with similar content to build brand familiarity before adding them to newsletter list segment.

#3 Outreach to book meeting with leads who viewed the Marketing Examined advertising opportunities page.

Wait, there’s more while we’re at it.

Bonus Winning Plays Planned

Alex’s plan included specific copy for abandoned cart emails: 

“X number of people have bought [product the visitor looked at]”

For product education email campaigns:

“Why [product they viewed] has mountains of 5-star reviews”

For retargeting outside of inboxes?

Plan is to add email addresses to networks (Meta/Google) and direct mail for retargeting.

See a couple more plays inside the full case study.

The key is having workflows in place so you can reach out to Smart Recognition leads immediately. 

And here are details on how these leads are high-quality and verified.

Case Study Numbers Recap

Marketing Examined
  • Used Smart Recognition for one month
  • Doubled their subscription rate
  • Captured 23% of anonymous site visitors
  • Lowered cost-per-lead to just $0.48 (48 pennies!)
  • 100% of the email campaigns used an obvious unsubscribe link

Thanks again to Alex Garcia for sharing his company’s case study on Smart Recognition (find Alex on Twitter alongside his 184k followers). 

Ready to test Smart Recognition and reduce the rising costs of lead generation? Book a Demo now, you’ll be glad you did.

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