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Are pixel limitations spoiling your PPC campaigns?

Don’t Accept This New “Normal”

Remember the good ole days when pixels packed a punch? New privacy updates have watered pixels down, and marketers are paying the price.

Now you can’t capture anywhere near the traffic you once could. The leads you do capture have a super short shelf life (Facebook’s pixel expires in just 7 days). 

How can your ad dollars work for you if your ads aren’t in front of enough people and aren’t repeated enough to be effective?


You don’t have to accept this new “normal.” The Smart Recognition platform brings back the glory days of PPC campaigns. Capture up to 40% of your traffic instead of the piddly percentage people are getting these days. That’s not all… 

keep these new leads in your audience as long as you like! You’re in control, while still respecting user privacy and staying compliant. That means Smart Recognition gives you even better results than the good ole days of audience pixels.

Get your PPC campaigns back on track. Build a huge audience fast, revive your retargeting, and watch sales take off! Schedule a Free Demo and learn how to try Smart Recognition for 7 days for Free (no credit card required, no obligation).

P.S. Leads automatically sent to your Network Audiences (and ESP/CRM). Smart Recognition is CAN-Spam & CCPA compliant. *U.S. audiences only. Your site needs about 15k in monthly traffic.


(You will have the option to set up a demo/walk through before getting started in the next step.)


Smart Recognition uses its proprietary database of over 220 million opt-in online shoppers to find “Machine Fingerprint” matches in your website traffic.

Simply put, we can identify the email address and intent of your anonymous web traffic even if they have never submitted a form on your site or purchased from you before.



Any website with US based traffic can use this.

  • Ecommerce brands use it to mail people based on what products they viewed or what they put in their cart.
  • Lead Generation Media buyers put it on their advertorial pages or opt in pages and capture up to 50% of their traffic.
  • Newsletter companies put this on their article pages.

This works on US based traffic only.

To use our free Smart Match script, you are just placing a simple snippet of code in the footer of the pages you want to track. No special coding is required. If you don’t know how to do this, just reach out to support after you sign up and they can walk you through it.

Yes, The US CAN SPAM law is an opt out law, not an opt in law. To be compliant with Can Spam you need to do two primary things. 1. Give users a way to easily unsubscribe 2. List your physical address so users can communicate with you outside of email.