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How it Works (Smart Affiliate)

Typical Setup Process

Smart Affiliate leverages the full capabilities and technology of Smart Recognition to generate the best leads with the highest propensity to engage and ultimately buy. We put our money, efforts, time and technologies to generate commissions on the sales of your product(s).

Once you have signed up with Smart Recognition and selected Smart Affiliate as an add-on service a dedicated Affiliate Manager gets assigned to your account and the following process begins…


Purchase Smart Recognition while adding on the 'Smart Affiliate' Option

Once the A.I. Software is purchased, a dedicated Affiliate Manger is assigned to your account who works with our technology team to setup a number of Smart Affiliate Scripts and Automations.

Machine Learning & Matching Begins

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) processing of data involves the ability to learn from patterns and adapt without explicit instructions. Through the use of algorithms and statistical models, A.I. analyzes and draws inferences from the data. Then SREC matches those visitors to our Network of Websites, Platforms, and Storefronts who retrieved consent to partner marketing from the same visitor.


Automated Workflows begin to Fire

By automating the process of engaging with leads via email, we can increase the efficiency of the marketing strategy with all the data that gives birth to a trifecta of delivering a targeted message to the right people at the right time. This ability drives a considerable edge and a much higher amount of conversions, increases customer retention, and lifts your bottom line profits substantially.

Continually Analyze, Optimize & Segment

Affiliate Managers feeds the conversions back into the software, giving the software what is needed to improve its learnings to further build on the target buyer profile segment from the visitors to your website.


Leverage the Smart Recognition Database

Affiliate Managers can then ask the A.I to create a new segment of the same profiled leads inside its 220,000,000+ person database. This segment becomes clearer as sales occur and the universe of leads that fit that target profile become more refined and higher in number with much more confidence.

Enjoy the Profits

Based on your conversion rates, offers, and commission payouts your volume of sales will increase because the system can send a much higher volume of emails tapping into its full 230,000,000+ lead database.

Your dedicated Affiliate Manager works with you to change out creatives, offers, promotions, etc. as you see fit. Managing the software, revenue being produced from our efforts and overall opportunies to increase sales.



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