Use our infrastructure to send to the leads that Smart Recognition Identifies...


Smart Affiliate is a solution that Clients use to send emails on our Infrastructure to the identified visitors and shoppers on your website. Many clients don't have the ability and infrastructure to send the volume of leads that Smart Recognition can produce, this is where Smart Affiliate comes in to compliment, support, and a reinforcement of your email marketing efforts by sending through our infrastruture on a performanced based basis making it completely risk free, safe and another dedicated revenue stream that will quickly become your 'Super Affiliate'. If you have trouble with deliverability and/or inboxing and getting low open rates then Smart Affiliate is the perfect compliment and must have for anyone looking to generate revenue from the other 98% of your unidentified web traffic.


Automated Abandonment Cart Revenue

We automate abandonment cart emails targetting the same products and/or category of products that your lost customers had in their shopping cart (whether they are logged in or not). We leverage better timing of the sends (, using the full range of data points on each lead, and retargetting for attribution purposes. Including utilizing Shared IP Pools, Domains, sender scores and reputations that enable us to send hundreds of millions of emails directly to the inbox.


External Teams Generating Your Full Revenue Potential

By using our infrastruture to reach the other 98% of your traffic that is unknown to you generates serious revenue that goes directly to your bottom line. This is our way of putting our money where our mouth is, by complimenting your marketing efforts on a CPA basis. Enabling you to reach your websites full potential, generating much higher returns on a no-risk basis, making us a true partner in your business. *Contact Us to see if your offers applies for the Smart Affiliate Solution.


Generating More From EVERY Dollar Spent

Smart Recogition collects, analyzes, and interprets data on your visitor behavior to successfully identify and filter the leads with the highest propensity to respond. Using A.I. to do the heavy lifting and getting more leads and revenue from every dollar spent getting traffic to your website, including organic efforts like SEO. Smart Recognition makes this possible, Smart Affiliate provides the solution to businesses who can't mail the amount of leads that SREC provides, but still benefits from the revenue generated.

Publishers, Shopify, and eCommerce Operators become 1st Adopters of SUPER AFFILIATE SOLUTION

Generating Significant Lifts to Their Revenue without any risk on a Performance Basis!

By leveraging Smart Recognition to resolve identities, we can deliver a 1:1 targeted email regardless of customer email acquisition from your efforts. Today, if 100 customers visited your website you might be able to send a browse abandon or cart abandon email to 2 of those site visitors. What about the other 98 visitors? If a visitor leaves your site without signing up for email or buying and Smart Recognition matches the identity, we will send and deliver a triggered email to help you win back those customers and engage them in a way you just can’t today.

Smart Affiliate is becoming the best found source of Revenue for Merchants who are looking to significantly increase revenue on a performance basis! The technology provides powerful insights into customer behavior patterns, utilizing machine learning algorithms to track visitor data beyond just website interactions. This information is then used to identify and target the right leads via email. Creating a SUPER AFFILIATE for Merchants and
another revenue channel being generated by Smart Recognition.


A SUPER AFFILIATE is an exceptional and highly successful marketer who...

... generates a significant amount of sales and revenue through their promotional efforts. Super affiliates typically excel in driving high-quality traffic to their affiliate links and have a knack for converting that traffic into sales. Super affiliates are sought after by businesses and affiliate networks due to their ability to consistently deliver outstanding results and drive substantial revenue. Their expertise and achievements make them valuable partners for advertisers, and they often receive special perks, higher commission rates, and exclusive offers as a result of their super affiliate status.

Some of the Popular

Common Uses

Use Smart Affiliate to accomplish any and all of the following:

Timed Mailing
New Revenue
Super Affiliate
Cost per
Cost per
Cost per
Click to Offer
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% of Sale

Frequently Asked Questions

Top 3 Questions Regarding Smart Affiliate:

Every Clients goals, needs and margins are different. We work with you to find a win-win getting us in alignment to grow the opportunity for both of us. Typically we start at 15% Commission of a sale, however, we also have clients who pay on a CPC, CPL, CPA, CTO and others.

Not at this time, Smart Affiliate utilizes the technology of Smart Recognition and there are costs to that software because of the tremendous processing power spent for the A.I. to identify, filter, target and respond with real time events for Smart Affiliate to even pick up and market. 

No! We have dedicated teams of affiliate managers and marketers who specialize in utilizing the data to target and remarket the identified shoppers hitting your site every day, which generates a significant revenue lift.

See the step-by-step process here.